Class Exercise 2 – “Citizen Journalism”

The example of citizen journalism I have chosen is “Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Lady” which became a viral sensation in 2012. It is significant in the fact that the video recording was used as evidence in the eventual prosecution of the former RTA bus driver, Artis Hughes.

The video sees the passenger, Shi’dea Lane refuse to pay her fare and spit on Hughes. Hughes, in return, informs both the disruptive Lane and onlooking passengers that he is “old school” and that “yur going to jaaiill nowwwww” before dealing her a savage uppercut of Cesaro proportions. The video went viral in unprecedented proportions and it was not long before the case was receiving national and international attention.

It is striking that none of the passengers try to defuse the situation but instead howl in the background like a pack of rabid dogs. However, one bright spark was clever enough to record it all so there could be no denying the truth about the actual events that unfolded.211143c7-7ee3-43fe-b137-143e72945d5e-quality_lighter-resize_640x-inline_yes

Pay your fares you guy. Except on the 226. They don’t deserve it.

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